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It’s been a while since I’ve written an article on LinkedIn and I truly wanted the next one to be an upbeat, positive one…guess you’ll have to wait until the new year for that one.

I’ve recently posted a role onto LI for a legal counsel. It is probably the very last time I’ll ‘post and pray‘ on LI (you know, post a role and pray the right candidate sees it and applies). My oh my how the LI posting rules have changed over the years — and even since my last posting just a couple of months ago.

While the most effective way to source great candidates is through direct sourcing, I’ve used LI in the past to help promote my roles. In the past, you could post a role and then push it out to your network. I’d get hundreds of irrelevant candidates applying but the odd ‘gem’ made it worth my while. Folks in my network could share it and many people who might not normally see the posting, became aware of it in this manner. It also raised my profile — but that was only a side benefit.

With this last posting, I found out that the rules have changed. You can no longer post a role for a flat $395. Now you set a budget and are charged for each ‘click’ onto that posting — regardless of whether or not the person applies or even meets ANY of the qualifications.

I set a daily budget of $20 and kept the posting live for 20 days (I thought $400 was reasonable and about what I’ve spent in the past). I closed the role when I saw that the cost was $533. LI tells me 600 people viewed the posting (the vast majority on the day after it was posted) and 47 people applied. Of those 47, two are mildly interesting (i.e. remotely qualified).

I’m not sure why LI made the change to their rates. Sure, it means that I have to be more vigilant to ensure my budget is not blown. Perhaps people stopped posting and they wanted to make up for the lost revenue. One thing I will say, if you are going to use LI to ‘post and pray‘, make sure you check your spend each and every day and know that it is probably only necessary to keep the role ‘live’ for 24-48 hours, when most of the candidates see it.

I think perhaps LI as a job board has gone the way of CareerBuilder, Monster, etc. Remember those job boards?

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