Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is the backbone of our work and where we excel. We are uniquely qualified to fulfill a wide variety of recruitment mandates – direct sourcing the right candidates for your organization.  Our experience includes:

  • Development and implementation of global, national or local recruitment strategies
  • Management of large- and small-scale recruitment initiatives (from outsourcing the entire process to providing our expertise in only those areas where clients identify a need)
  • Best practice sourcing and recruiting processes and infrastructure including selection tools and interview guides
  • Direct sourcing the hard-to-find candidates who may not be in the hunt for a new job
  • Social media expertise to source those ‘passive’ candidates who do not respond to ‘post and pray’ job postings
  • Job description development
  • Manager training and workshop facilitation
  • Development and implementation of on-campus student programs – across Canada, North America and globally