General | Retained HR Services

We are often retained by companies to provide HR expertise across a broad range of services for short-term or long-term assignments. Some of our more recent mandates include:

  • Creation and implementation of comprehensive Policies and Procedures manuals and roll-out of the programs for two 25-person firms — one an investment firm and the other an interior commercial construction firm
  • Development of performance manual frameworks including creation of policies, oversight of year-end evaluations, development of all templates and tools and creation of objective setting workshops
  • Development and implementation of a number of recruitment strategies, including processes, templates, tools and manager guides to facilitate the hiring of staff
  • CompletedĀ a compensation survey for a mid-sized private equity and infrastructure investment firm
  • Retained by two companies as an HR subject matter expert to handle all HR related matters providing ‘outsourced’ human resources expertise on a regular long-term basis
  • Transition-related work for several companies looking to exit employees, including on-site attendance at termination meetings and continued coaching with the employees through transition
  • Development and roll-out of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan
  • On-boarding program for new employees