Career Coaching & Transition Support

We provide customized career coaching and career transition support services.

Our career coaching programs are for individuals looking to pro-actively manage their careers and take themselves to the next level. Whether they are interested in ‘taking control’ of their careers (‘taking the reins‘ so to speak) or poised to move into leadership positions, we are able to provide coaching expertise to ensure they succeed!  Oftentimes it is not about  ‘moving up the ladder‘ but gaining a breadth of experience to be better positioned in this competitive marketplace.  A large part of our practice is also focused on providing career transition support for individuals looking to move into new roles or who are in between jobs.

Are you a Professional at the Start of Your Career?

We are pleased to provide coaching services tailor-made for the young professional — at the start or early on in your career.  Helping you to identify your strategic advantage and position yourself to stand out from the crowd is a large part of what we do.  Helping you to understand how recruiters and hiring managers find YOU is key to helping you find that next (or first!) great opportunity.  What to say and how best to get out of your comfort zone is important to networking success.  And networking is so important!  Gaining the skills to negotiate job offers is a must to ensure you are negotiating the best terms for yourself.

Highlights of Customized Programs

Testing the Waters
  • Negotiating Job Offers
  • Your First 100 Days on the Job
Coaching for Success
  • What’s my Next Role and How do I Get There?
  • Preparing for Your Promotion
  • Action Plans for New Leaders
  • Personal Assessments